Learn About a Hidden World

We recently conducted a survey of dozens of busy professionals and found that their number one fear when it came to retirement planning was not having enough money. We weren’t surprised.  Although Americans hold nearly nine trillion dollars in various forms of retirement accounts – the sad truth is that the majority of those assets […]

Key Advantages for Investors

GCA Equity Partners announces that they have filed the required documentation for a public offering of their new fund, Secured Real Estate Income Fund II, LLC, under the SEC’s new Regulation A+. By adopting the landmark regulation A+ rules that came into effect in June 2015 under the JOBS Act, GCA’s Secured Real Estate Income Fund […]

Investors – Are you getting enough Property Insurance coverage?

Property Insurance: although it’s not one of the most exciting things to talk about, it can be one of the most important things to private money investors and private money lenders. I’m talking about property insurance. Just like any other member of your collaborative real estate investing team, it is important to take time to […]

Initial Review Of A Fix and Flip Funding Request

Five Key Numbers Regardless of whether the potential project you are looking to fund is rehab or new construction, single family, multifamily or commercial, there are always five key numbers at a minimum that are needed to do the initial review.  Without these numbers the rest of the information is secondary at best.  These numbers […]

Investor Questionnaire required in California

Hi from sunny Campbell California! Thanks Sandi for bringing up your question on Investor Qualifications.  Thought it would be good for today’s blog article. Did you know about the Investor Questionnaire currently required by the State of California?  This questionnaire needs to be filled out by your broker for anyone to whom “notes or interests […]