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If you’ve always thought that real estate investing would be something that you’d love to do, but you worry that you don’t have enough knowledge or enough capital to do it all on your own, Tom Braegelmann’s book, “Bank Free Blueprint" could likely be exactly what you need. Sign up below to gain access to a free instant download of the first 4 chapters of his book today.

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About Tom Braegelmann

Thomas P. Braegelmann is an accomplished entrepreneur, fund manager and private lending mentor offering a wealth of experience and knowledge gained during his 30+year career in real estate investing, commercial construction, land development and finance.

Partner and CEO of GCA Equity Partners, and co-founder and manager of Kensington Fund and Secured Real Estate Income Fund

As a Certified Fund Manager and co-founder of Kensington Fund and Secured Real Estate Income Fund, Tom has earned a reputation as a thought leader in his industry. Through careful investment analysis and a strong focus on safety, as well as the development of the unique National Construction Lending Alliance™ program, Tom and his partners have shown a consistent track record of delivering double digit returns to their investors on short-term, passive real estate investments.

With Tom’s leadership, and through the development of the National Construction Lending Alliance™ program, Kensington and GCA have participated in the funding of more than $150 million in real estate transactions nationwide over the past several years.

As a native of Central Minnesota, Tom previously served as owner and CEO of a private real estate investment company, which he founded in 1980. Through development and acquisitions he was able to build a portfolio comprised of several hundred multi-family apartment units, residential and commercial complexes, and single-family homes.


Receive a digital download of the first four chapters from "Bank Free Blueprints"